Zoopla house price

Zoopla house price

website Zoopla (Zoopla PLC) is a British website offering services about the residential property market. Daily Mail and General Trust and estate agent Countrywide are the owners of this website. Zoopla provides customers with information such as sold house prices, area trends & statistics and current prices for properties in the united kingdom.

How can people contact Zoopla?

you can contact Zoopla by completing their form .and their support team will respond you. If you have any queries, contact their support team on 020 3544 1000.

How can customers remove their property details?

You can remove your house details from any property portal by requiring canceling from your estate agent. This can  take up to 24 hours for details to be removed


Zoopla house price

The average price for houses in London stood is  £671,989. The prices increased by 1.87% in the last three months and increased by 3.31% 12 months ago. According to the type of property, a flat in London price is  £544,250, while terraced houses cost £725,189. This is according to the current Zoopla estimates.

Detached houses prices in London

The average price of a Detached house is £1,215,005. The price increased by 1.06% in the last three months.

The price also may vary according to the location

Here are some examples of prices in different regions of the UK:

Detached house at  7 Bay Tree Close, BR1 2TS costs £1,247,500, while flat at 16, Inglewood Court, 9 Oaklands Road, BR1 3SJ price reaches £540,000

End terrace house at 10 Wellsmoor Gardens, BR1 2HT costs £450,000, while the price of Townhouse at 13 Rolvenden Gardens, BR1 2TN is £555,000.

Detached house at 14 Rolvenden Gardens, BR1 2TN costs £590,000

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