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Zinc price


Zinc is a fragile and crystalline element at the room temperatures. the metal has a blue silver appearance when you remove oxidation. zinc reacts with oxygen and other minerals. It is a rust-resistant element, so it participates in encapsulating other metals such as iron to prevent rust.

In the human body, zinc is known as “essential trace element” because the human body needs very small amounts of zinc for its health. the element must be taken regularly as part of the diet because the human body does not store excess zinc.

Common zinc  Alloys

Brass:  contain 3-45% Zn, it’s used in musical instruments, valves, and hardware.

Nickel silver: contain20% Zn, it engages in jewelry, silverware, model train tracks, and musical instruments.

Zinc die casting alloys: contain 78% Zn by weight, it usually contains small amounts (less than an of Pb, Sn, Cu, Al, and Mg to improve die casting properties and mechanical characteristics. It makes moving parts in machines

Physical Properties

strength:  Zinc is a weak metal so it does not engage in load-bearing applications. inexpensive mechanical parts can be Zinc die casting alloys

Toughness: its alloys generally more touch than other die casting alloys. while Pure zinc has low toughness and is generally fragile

Ductility: Zinc becomes ductile and malleable at temperatures of 212 and 302 degrees Fahrenheit, but at more increase in temperatures, it converts to a brittle state. Zinc alloys are more ductile than pure metal so in preferred complex fabrication methods.

Conductivity: the metal has a moderate conductivity. It has strong electrochemical properties.


Uses of zinc

Zinc is widely used in the battery industry.

it also participates in the iron industry and packaging because is proven to be effective in preventing iron rust.

the zinc oxide contributes to many industries, such as paint, rubber, and plastic as well as in inks and soaps.

the metal engages in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

zinc sulfide has popular use in the manufacture of luminous paints and X-ray screens.


Zinc price

The price shows a significant decrease this year than the last year. This reduction could serve some industries such as steel, paints, and pigment manufacturing. The drop in prices may be due to the reopening of some global mining and global trade tension.

Prices forecast expect a further decrease in price till 2025

The average zinc price is  $2,922 U.S. dollars per metric ton.


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