Zephyr pricing


Zephyr pricing

JIRA is a tool for project management that is used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management purposes. Zephyr for Jira is an original application that is located in Gira and provides quality test management capabilities to any JIRA project. When using Zephyr with JIRA,  Customers can  create and view  the test in any JIRA project and implemented immediately or as part of a test cycle that may be associated with other issues

Zephyr test management software helps in the development of effective applications and life cycle management projects by providing users with many enhanced code coverage features.

Test cycles prepare and execute tests in an orderly manner. This allows tests to be logically compiled and executed in an orderly manner. It also allows tracking of progress and reporting quality measures.

Zephyr testing tool?

Test Management Tool for companies has the ability to perform manual and automated tests and offers integrations with many other common testing programs.


How to Create a Test using Zephyr

  • Choose to create A Test item. Enter Test Description Details. …
  • then you need to edit a test case. Open the Test. …
  • Search for Zephyr. Add Steps. …
  • How to enter test details using Zephyr. Plan Test Cycle. Choose the New Cycle. …
  • Find  New Features.

The installation

makes an admin. the account then Log into your Jira instance

choose Add-ons from the admin dropdown

to click on new apps or Find new add-ons screen loads.

Search for Zephyr for Jira – Test Management.

Find Free trial to download and install your app.

The mission is set!

Close in the Installed and go dialog

Zephyr pricing

Starting at $10 for 10 Users, while the price for 11 – 100 users is$4.25 user/month

They provide a free evaluation period for 30 days to test the application.

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