WordPress hosting price comparison

WordPress hosting price comparison

WordPress is a complete web creation and hosting service without the need for external hosting and domain name, this service is fully managed by Automattic.

By signing up for this service you will get everything you need to get and manage it in one place.

The advantage of WordPress:

  • It is an open-source system and thousands of developers around the world are constantly working to improve WordPress’s performance.
  • WordPress updates regularly to solve existing problems and to add more features.
  • Flexibility.
  • There are thousands of plugins and themes that let you easily change the look of your site.
  • Easy to use.
  • A support service is available.
  • Dr. WordPress is a good friend of SEO “Search Engine Optimization”, it gives you all the creative solutions outside the box to improve the level of your content to appear better and faster on search engines. This is important for the site or blog to succeed,  in addition to a lot of plug-in Specialized in improving search engines.


WordPress Hosting

Web Hosting is briefly where your blog or site files are hosted. Hosting has many types, but most of the time you will only need co-hosting, which is the cheapest and most common type of hosting. Hosting is a powerful computer that works 24/7 without stopping and connects to the Internet at a very high connection speed (about 1000 Mbps or more) and needs strong cooling and immediate follow-up to errors and problems.

WordPress Hosting companies

Hosting companies provide WordPress hosting service Through servers operate  WordPress sites and improve their performance while providing the most modern features of operation and protection. They also Save backups from the site weekly and provide periodic advice on the performance of your site and how to improve the site to reach the best level.

The requirement for WordPress hosting:


WordPress script can work with all types of hosting, but if you want  to get the first results from search engines you should have WordPress hosting that provides the following:


  • PHP 7 or higher version
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher
  • Https support (SSL)
  • SSD storage space
  • Provide Back up of the site.
  • WordPress hosting types
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS
  • Shared WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated Server hosting

WordPress hosting price comparison

Bluehost hosting price is $2.95 /month, while Dreamhost hosting costs  $4.95 /month(shared)

The price of iPage hosting is – $7.49 /month(shared)

InMotion costs $8.99 /month(managed)

IONOS price  is$9.00 /month(managed)

GoDaddy Hosting costs  $9.99 /month(managed)

SiteGround hosting  price is $11.95 /month(managed)

Dreamhost hosting price is $19.95 /month(managed)

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