Wood pulp price

Wood pulp price

Wood pulp is lignocellulosic fibrous material by-products. Manufacturers produce this material by separating cellulose fibers from wood, fiber crops or waste paper.

There are three popular ways to separate cellulose: chemically, mechanically and Semi chemically.

The mechanical pulping:

Wood chips are ground into a soupy pulp of short cellulose fibers and a lot of lignin.  The product is a weak paper so it engages in newspapers and phonebooks.

Chemical pulping:

Wood is turned into “kraft pulp, special chemicals are added to remove lignin and cellulose fibers, the remaining cellulose gives the paper certain strength.

Semi chemical pulping:

Characterized by its low cost, it produces fine paper, cartons, and magazines

The top supplier of wood pulp in the world

APP, ARAUCO, Fabrica, UPM, Suzano, Pulp and Paper, APRIL Group, Canfor and Mercer International, etc.

Wood pulp  uses:

Wood pulp  is ubiquitous in our daily lives due to its low price and  the harmless effect on human health


  • Many food companies use wood pulp in their products.
  • They add Wood pulp additives, to prevent clumping in cheese.
  • In addition, Wood pulp also presents in fish fillet patties, sausage, tortillas, onion rings, pancakes, and even milkshakes.
  • With complementary chemicals, cellulose increases  texture, thickens and stabilizes food such as  ice cream
  • It makes you feel  fill  which contributes to weight loss

Dissolving pulp is a source of regenerated cellulose that is used textile and cellophane production.

Wood pulp has popular use in diapers, feminine hygiene products, and nonwovens.

Derivatives of cellulose

Nitrocellulose: has major uses in leather finishes, wood varnishes and printing inks due to its strength and quick-drying properties.

Celluloid: Participates in manufacturing ping pong balls and guitar picks.

Carboxymethyl cellulose: increase the toothpaste viscosity

Rayon: has a high water absorbency. Therefore it has a wide application in bath towels as well as Wet wipes.

Wood pulp price

Wood pulp price ranges from $800-900 per ton

Price may increase over the next five years due to the increase in global demand.

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