Wire Rod Prices 2021

Wire Rod Prices

Wire rod is a product commonly used in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, and energy, Wire Rods are mainly used in aviation and as concrete reinforcement for structures.

Wire Rod Prices 2021

Wire Rod is made by hot rolling a steel wire with a diameter ranging between 5mm and 42mm, the steel is a carbon steel type, however, aluminum and copper can also be used to produce Wire Rod. The cross-section of the rod can come in different shapes such as round, Hexagonal or square.

Wire Rods are manufactured by pulling hot metal through shafts with the required size for the end product, during this process the rod must be kept at a high temperature to avoid any problems in later stages in manufacturing.

After rolling the hot Wire Rods, they are cooled either naturally or via accelerated air cooling, after this the Wire Rods are ready for inspection and storage.

Wire Rods go through a very deep inspection process as any bubbles or cavities in the produced rod may cause low strength of the defected Wire Rod, also the Wire Rods should be free of any deformations or Burrs. Some defects can render the Wire Rods unusable, thus the whole manufacturing process undergoes constant quality inspection.

Before buying steel Wire rods, you must confirm that the specs of the product will match the standard you are using for the industry. Each country has a standard for the material used in a specific industry such as construction or general manufacturing.

In China, the Ton of low carbon Steel wire rods will cost you anywhere between $350 and $520 depending on the quantity of your purchase and the standard you are seeking.

Copper Wire Rods are a different story, the ton will cost you between $5000 and $7000, this is mainly used in the manufacturing of cooling or heating coils used in air conditioning and refrigerators.


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