Used car prices 2020

Used car prices

Used car prices have decreased significantly over the past two years due to a glut in the car market. in 2019, the amount of two or three years old used cars increased by 80 percent, following a 35 percent increase in 2018.

The reason for this increase may be that consumer wants to update their car for the latest model in the same way they do with smartphones.

The most popular used cars such as the VW Up and Ford KA have also seen their value drop by five percent in 2019and eight percent in 2018. Merseyside has the lowest prices with an average 2.3 percent slow the national average. Experts expect a further decrease in used car prices in the next year.

Top used car prices and models

  • All AUDI models are available the average price of 2009-2019 models is between (£4,895- £29,293), AUDI features a 1600 CC engine and Viti’s manual transmission and semiautomatic.
  • FORD is one of the most popular used cars with a 1600 CC engine and also available transmission (Vitesse) Manual, semiautomatic and Automatic and average prices of models from 2007 to 2019range between (£1,699 – £22,495) pounds.
  • BMW cars are very popular in the used car market at the average prices of BMW models from 2007-2019 between (£2,195- £59,790
  • Nissan is one of the best-selling used cars between 2015-2019 and features a 1500CC engine. Nissan assembled in the UK are available at prices ranging from (£6,995to £17,950) for 2013-2018 models.-
  • Used Vauxhall car cost (£1,950 to £16,995) for 2009-2019 models.
  • Used Toyota car prices range from( £2,499to £21,995) for 2009-2019 models.

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