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Turtles price

Turtles price

Turtles are crawling organisms belongs to the class reptile. Their back is covered by a shell that resembles a shield. The turtle cannot get out of the shell as some people believe, it is part of its skeleton. This shell consists of a set of bones and cartilage that comprises the other parts.

Sea turtles:

  • These cold-blooded turtles are endangered, and these species live in water. They have fin-shaped front limbs and, shells more elastic than other species to adapt to living in the seas and oceans.
  • The sea turtle shell consists of two parts, the top of which is called the great shield(carapace) while the lower part is called the plastron.
  • sea turtles have good underwater visibility and great ability to distinguish odors.
  • Large-headed sea turtles feed on organisms with solid crusts such as fish and crustaceans.  Green turtles feed only on plants and seaweed, while leather turtles prefer ( Leatherbacks find jellyfish to be their food.

If  you going to have the sea turtles as a pet you should consider the following:

Turtle tank size you’re going to need about ten gallons per inch of turtle so don’t buy a small ten-gallon tank or something for a small turtle Because  you’ll have to change it later

Land Turtles

Wild turtles live in many regions around the world such as deserts, rainforests, which are found in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and many islands.

Their lifespan is longer than humans. They feed on herbs and plants during the rainy season and then change to dry plants and rabbit residues in dry seasons.


Tips to care for the land turtles

  • The turtles need plenty of space to move in, as their health worse quickly if they remain trapped in a little plastic cage.
  • You should provide sunlight, the artificial lights of the cages.
  • Their food should contain a lot of dietary fiber and small amounts of protein.

This means that you should avoid feeding your turtles any kind of baguette (e.g. beans, chickpeas, and peas.

Don’t give them dog and cat food, which can be very harmful to their health.

The right food for the sea is the green leaves and flowers, this is its natural food in the wild.

you should not give it any kind of vegetables, fruit or human foods.

Turtles price

Turtles price is $20 in pet stores, the price may vary according to species

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