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The standard life share price

The standard life share price

Standard life is a multinational asset management company. It helps to invest and manage portfolios of mutual funds and other securities. Its location in the UK, but it operates across the whole world.

The company merged with the investment company Aberdeen Asset Management to form Standard Life Aberdeen.

This company operates the money from individuals or organization and put it to work for them.

Its investment fields include equities, multi-asset, fixed income, real estate, and private markets.[4]

The majority of customers are wealthy individuals as well as large organizations, such as other corporations, non-profits, or institutions.

The company imposes charging fees according to the number of assets they manage.

Facts about Standard life Aberdeen:

The company appeared in 1825.

Douglas Flint Is chairman of the company, while Norman Keith Skeoch works as the chief executive (CEO).

The total  Revenue reached £2,131 million in 2018.

Standard life achieves£868 million every year.

The number of employees is 6,431 according to the statistics in 2015.

There are branches in Canada, India, China, and Uruguay.

Standard Life Aberdeen listed on  London Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), and the DJSI World.

The standard life share price

The price is fluctuating during the month due to the change in demand and the supply in the market. The market capitalization and company earning also affect the price.

The standard life share price jumped to 314.00 GPX.

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