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Sun conure price

Sun conure price

Sun conures are medium-sized parrots that live in small groups. They belong to parrot subfamily Arinae. They are found all across the central and south regions of America.

The average age of sun conures is unknown for most species, but it is known that sun conures live longer in the cage than in the wild, larger birds live longer than small birds, small parrots can live up to 15 years, and large parrots live up to 35 years.

sun conures are characterized by:

  • vibrant colors such as green, sparkling yellow, red and orange
  • High energy and they are a playful bird and that’s what makes them wonderful pet birds.
  • Their  slender and long bodies pointed tails, but some parrots have short tails that become tight at the end
  •  Black huge beaks that are used in climbing, holding things, digging, peeling fruit, chewing and breaking seeds.
  • a circular ring surrounding the eye, and females are characterized by the narrower ring of males.
  • sharp and noisy sounds, high skill in repeating words and phrases as well as whistling.

sun conures breeding:

The size of the cage must be proper to the size of the bird, for example, the size should be more than 60×60×100 to introduce various types of food to the bird


Sun conures nutrition:

Parrots are  fed on cereals like balsamic, flares, and  sunflower seeds, In addition to vegetables such as watercress, spinach, potatoes, beans

Green, and peanuts,

As well as fruits like grapes, apples, watermelons, and cross.

Avocado fruits are poisonous fruits for birds.

Sun conure price

The average sun conure price is $500 for an adult. but if you count the cost for its cage, food, and equipment, the price can easily reach $700.sun conure price can vary according to breed, age, mutation, and the health of the bird.

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