Subway menu prices

Subway menu prices

Subway is the most popular American restaurant chain in the world that primarily serves submarine sandwiches and salads. They also introduce wrapspaninis, and baked products (including cookies, doughnuts, and muffins). The chain has 41,512 branches in more than 100 countries. The USA has half of the theses branches.

The advantage of the subway

  • Simple & Customizable
  • You can choose what you want on your sandwich.
  • You can pick the onions out afterward…
  • They introduce fresh food  With so many vegetables that make your sandwiches healthy.
  • Sandwiches are light or  don’t contain too much  meat in comparison to other sandwiches

Facts about Subway:

  • The Subway project started when a 17-year-old teenager named Fred DeLuca founded it to pay school fees.
  • Subway restaurants use about 16 acres of lettuce yearly to make sandwiches. This quantity could cover about 35 football playground.
  • The restaurants use Hand-cut olives only to prepare their sandwiches.
  • The first subway restaurant Was in Bridgeport.-
  • In 2003, Subway opened a restaurant inside a church to hire neighborhood residents and cater to the hungry.
  • During New York Fashion Week in 2013, Subway restaurants held a fashion show where the clothes were made of sandwiches, napkins, gift cards, and salad dishes.
  • A person named Jared Fogle was able to lose a large amount of weight by following the subway diet.
  • The employee who designed the first Subway logo still works at one of the subway’s outlets.
  • If you go to Subway in Washington, you’ll get  a delicious gluten-free sandwiches
  • If you order a subway menu you will be amazed because Subway has up to 37 million varieties of food.
  • Jason Page, the actor of American Pie, was eating subway sandwiches in the film.
  • The amount of sandwiches sold annually is enough to wrap the earth about 14 times.

Subway menu prices

Sandwiches prices are ranging from$ 3.99 to $11.49, while the kid’s meals cost $4.99

Breakfast prices range from $3.99  to $6.99, while Signature Wraps range from $4.99 to $6.99.

Drinks prices are ranging from $1.29 to $2.49

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