St Hubert menu price

St Hubert menu price

St Hubert is Canadian fast-food  is mostly found in French-Canadian areas such as New Brunswick (Edmundston, Bathurst, Moncton, and Fredericton ), and Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Cornwall, Rockland, )and Hawkesbury.

The restaurants come in the 16th in order of popularity in Canada. The chains have great loyalty from their customers. the restaurant first appeared  in 1951 and it is  the first restaurant in Canada to offer home delivery

In March 2016,  Recipe Unlimited), the owner Swiss Chalet purchased St Hubert for $537 million.

 St-Hubert is so popular in Canada because:

  • It is fairly cheap and they have a luxurious dessert in the form of clowns and animals that make it popular for family gatherings.
  • The menu is also “convenient ” in the way that children will generally find something they like. Chicken and french fries are very delicious.
  • The restaurants can accommodate very large groups.
  • The staff works greatly as a family.
  •  The company has the vision to appeal to French working-class people as they moved to the suburbs in greater numbers.
  • Their meal is cheap and it is the only type of food that can be home delivered apart from pizza.
  • They were able to benefit from their success in other ways as well. They marketed their sauce in grocery stores from 1965 onwards and slowly spent a range of food they served in grocery stores. Now there are dozens of offers ranging from buffalo wings to sweets.

The company offer many coupons such as

$5 off coupon

$10 off coupon

Quarter chicken leg coupon

Breast meal coupon

Free zoo meal

Junior feast coupon

Family 4 coupon

Club sandwich coupon

Ribs coupon

St Hubert coupon


St Hubert menu price


The price of Chicken noodle soup, cream of chicken soup, chicken rice soup, and vegetable soup are $4.

St Hubert wrap with crispy chicken fillets or grilled chicken breast cost $12

4 crispy chicken fillets cost $12.5

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