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Sea horse price 2021

Sea horse price

The sea horse is a species of vertebrate organism, characterized by its small size and unique type.

Its face shape is very similar to wild horses, and it takes one wife during the whole of his life.

Sea horses are nearly 100 species, These species are different in shape and size, as well as the color and the number of eggs.

The sea horse is an endangered animal since the small size and weak structure of the seahorse make it easy food for many predators such as fish and crabs. It also becomes a target for many humans, who use it for trade and medical purposes.

Sea horse lives in temperate and tropical shallow waters, specifically near seagrass and coral reefs and that explains its widespread throughout the world.

The sea horse feeds on crustaceans, plankton, small algae, fish, and on plants. Due to the fact that the sea horse has neither teeth nor stomach, it sucks food with its thin mouth directly into its body.

Sea horse differs from the rest of the see animals in the way they move in the water, as it swims vertically, with the help of dorsal fin, and a small tail that resembles a scorpion’s tail.

The importance of the sea horse in the  medical field:

Sea horse price 2021
Sea horse price 2021

the sea horse has popular use in many medical conditions including the treatment of many diseases such as asthma, fatigue, asthma, baldness, various skin diseases, it helps the body to resist disease. the animal is also a powerful aphrodisiac and increases sexual potency. it can also treat skin infections and sores, and many other diseases, however prolonged use of sea horses at high doses could lead to kidney damage.

Sea horse extract is available in many dosage forms: Powder, a pill, or capsule

Sea horse price

the live sea horse price ranges from  $100.00 for 10 dwarf horses, while the dried sea horse price is 2.500$ per kg. This sea horse price without the cost of shipping and varies according to the supplier

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