post office prices for all kind of package 2020

post office prices for all kind of package There is no I find these days it does not need post offices, especially after the development and use of modern technology in post offices around the world, so it has become very important for everyone.

post office prices for all kind of package

Post offices spread around the world and became one of the basic matters for all countries and became with the use of modern technology and advanced technologies in the field of mail. All post offices around the world have been linked to be a global network serving millions of people everywhere, anytime and when the post offices are characterized by low cost when shipping Or delivery of parcels, compared to private freight offices, has become very expensive and the individual cannot afford the high cost, so post offices are the solution.

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The cost of package by post offices

The cost of packages transported by post offices around the world varies according to the type of package, size, dimensions, quality, weight, region to which it will be sent, and what it contains, so post offices offer a package of prices that suit each type Packages start from 3 pounds for small parcels, and are listed according to parcel type, weight and volume.



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