Polysilicon price

Polysilicon price

Polysilicon is prepared by distillation of volatile silicon compounds, and their decomposition into silicon at high temperatures. This process is called the Siemens process, chemical polishing is applied to obtain smooth surfaces. Sometimes manufactured do  Recrystallization of polysilicon to increases the surface roughness, and increase mechanical and electrical properties.

China, Germany, Japan, Korea, and the United States, are considered the most popular global producer of about 230,000 tonnes per year.

Raw Polysilicon Grades Available:

silicon products come in various grade, each which multiple sizing options are  available:


High-Purity Solar Grade

Polycrystalline Silicon Chunks

Polycrystalline Silicon Chips

Granular Polycrystalline Silicon

Secondary-grade polysilicon

Silicon powder

Silicon carbon ends

Discolored silicon

Recycled Polysilicon

Silicon pot scraps

Silicon brick tops & sides

Silicon ingot tops & tails


Poly silicone uses

Polysilicon has widely used in conducting gate materials in semiconductor devices such as MOSFETs.The stability, , low toxicity of silicon and the low cost of polysilicon make poly silicone convenient for photovoltaic production. polycrystalline solar cells are affected by the grain size. Although the polysilicon price is lower than the mono silicon and its efficiency is also lower because it consists of multiple crystal crystals, manufacturers of this type of cell argue that the economic savings of this species are somewhat superior to their lower efficiency than mono silicon.


Polysilicon price

The average poly silicone price is lowered to 9.06USD / KG despite the unclarity of global demand.

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