Polyester yarn prices 2021

Polyester yarn prices


Polyester yarn is one of the most popular yarn across the world manufactured mainly by China and India. It is synthetic filament produced by the reaction between MEG and PTA  forming a polymer. By spinning the polymer together polyester yarn is created. Polyester fibers are mainly used for sewing, knitting, weaving.

 The advantages of polyester yarn

Polyester yarn show some advantages over natural yarns:

Polyester is stronger, with a greater ability to stretch when compared to natural materials, like linen or cotton..

Polyester is less likely to wrinkling or shrinkage

Sometimes the polyester yarn is blended with cotton yarn to improve its characteristic

Polyester Filament Yarn types

There are three different types of polyester yarns that are monofilament, multifilament and spun yarns. They are classified according to material densities and the diameters to achieve the desired result for an industrial manufacturing application.

The top suppliers for polyester yarn are:

  • Ribbon Webbing Corp. – Chicago, IL. …
  • Atkins & Pearce, Inc. – Covington, KY. …
  • Sarla Flex LLC – Walterboro, SC. Manufacturer* …
  • Dillon Yarn – Dillon, SC. Manufacturer* …
  • Indorama Ventures LLC – Riverwoods, IL. …
  • EY Technologies – Fall River, MA. …
  • Unifi, Inc. …
  • Honeywell International, In


Polyester yarn prices


Factors affecting prices are:

  • USD to CNY exchange rate
  • USD to INR exchange rate
  • World demand for polyester yarn
  • Chinese Manufacturing Labor Costs
  • petrochemical feedstocks like PTA and MEG

Polyester yarn prices  fluctuate wildly from month  to month

on the 24th of December: polyester chain prices have now returned to lower levels after Significant rise in last two weak, as the fiber producers could not pass the rise in their material costs to the textile industry and the decline in prices of crude oil that lead to reduction in PTA and MEG prices which are the raw material for polyester.

The average price for polyester yarn is   $ 1.55-2.85 / kg

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