Polyester Yarn Prices

Polyester Yarn Prices

Polyester is a type of man-made non-organic polymer and can be made into fibers which can be spun together to produce the polyester fabric, which can be used to produce clothing as well as multiple products as elaborated below, there is also a cotton polyester blend that makes a strong fabric, which is tear-resistant and wrinkles free.

Polyester fiber has a high environmental resistance, the resist water and wind, as well as fire resistance, the fiber can melt when ignited.


There are no safety concerns regarding the use of clothing products made from polyester of a polyester blend fabric. however, there are some environmental concerns as the fabrics made using polyester take too long to dissolve in nature.


Polyester was invented by James Dickson and John Whinfield, both of them are British scientists back in 1941, Polyester was first patented in 1945 by the company DuPont.

As a synthetic fiber and petroleum-based product, polyester is non- renewable material, almost 70 million barrels of petroleum are used every year to produce polyester, but the material itself will take over 200 years to decompose.

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Polyester yarn is used to produce clothing as well as home furnishing products, such as pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains, and carpets. Polyester made clothing is considered great for outdoors and intense sports such as climbing, as it’s comfortable -not as much as cotton and wool- and water, and wrinkle-resistant, it also keeps the warmth of the body longer than cotton and wool clothing.


Polyester yarn can also be used to make high strength ropes, threads, belts and hoses, it can be used to make bottles for storing beverages, it can also be used to make decorations such as balloons.


If you are looking into buying Polyester yarn for your business, the current market price range for the ton range between $450 and $3500 for the spun polyester yarn threads, the price may change according to quality and quantity of each purchase, and this price does not include shipping or customs if you are importing, so you need to look into these costs as well.


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