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parakeet price

parakeet price

Parakeet is long-tailed parrots belongs to the Psittacidae family. It is known as budgerigars or budgies. This parrot is one of the most popular birds in the world because it can learn to speak easily. There are 115 species of parakeets in hot climate areas around the world. The parrot lives in forests, pastures. It is able to live in sharp and unexpected changes in weather conditions. The high demand for parakeets leads to a decrease in their numbers. The parrot has a yellow and green body covered with black markings. Its feathers are yellow due to the fluorescent pigment, which attracts the opposite sex during the breeding season. The bird is covered with approximately 3,000 feathers.

Facts about parakeet

  • parakeet feeds on seeds, fruit, eucalyptus leaves, different types of ferns and insects.
  • Snakes are considered their natural enemy.
  • The live span of parakeet is 5-10 years in the wild, while it can live up to 29 years in a cage.
  • Parrot breeds during the winter. It produces two young birds a year.
  • The female lays between 4-8 eggs (at a time) during the period of 8 to 16 days. Eggs hatch after an incubation period of 18 to 21 days.
  • The male provides nutrients to the mother and her offspring.
  • The young birds leave for the nest after 4-5 weeks of hatching.

How to Take Care of a Budgie, Parakeet

It is affordable pets, and it  is  easy to care for as well

  • Buy a big cage, The bird needs to have some space to play and stretch its wings. If you care
  • Try to buy a cage that is wider than its wings with a square top  as Budgies fly horizontally,
  • Do not buy a circular cage, as a budgie cannot stretch its wings and fly properly in it.
  •  Do not crowd the cage with toys, perches or other budgies.
  • Test a few cages and look for one that you can clean easily
  • Add an aplastic mini-bathtub as Budgies also like to stay clean.
  • change the water daily to prevent bacterial contamination.
  • feed them with a versatile food of seeds, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Egg or cheese should be feed to it once a week or once every other week.

parakeet price

parakeet price ranges from  $10 to$60.T he price may vary according to the place of purchasing.

you may add additional cost for the cage, food, veterinary care.

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