Nintendo switch price

Nintendo switch price

The Nintendo Switch has been released around the world since 2017  achieving fantastic sales. You can use it as a laptop such as 3DS by installing the device at the base that comes with it. The switching material resembles the material of the tablet, with a relatively small frame around the screen and good industry quality.



  • There is a 3.5 mm slot for the speaker.
  • game card slot at the top.
  • microSD memory card slot at the bottom, play button, and volume control button.
  • light sensor that works when you put the lighting in the auto-phase.
  • USB-C slot at the bottom to charge the device and to install it at the base.
  • 32 g bits of internal memory.
  • Battery 4310 mAh.
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection at frequencies 5 and 2.4 GHz.


LCD IPS, 1280×720 and 6.2-inch.The resolution is 720 pixels.
colors, lighting, and smoothness are better than 3DS and Wii U.


switch control is comprehensive and convenient for all types of games.
The quality of the equipment of the device, the clarity of the screen and the technical specifications make it the best mobile gaming devices, but as a home device, the specifications are somewhat modest compared to the PlayStation 4.

The next improvement improvements in the operating system and adding additional games will enable the device to make a shift in our use of home gaming devices.

Lite switch: is colorful and it can’t connect TV this is not the switch for the majority of people.the switch light is the best choice for young people or someone who only wants to play games like the breadth of the wilds.

Tips before purchasing Nintendo switch

if you want to buy a switch make sure you get one in a red box as these models have upgraded batteries and slightly upgraded screens.

you will definitely need to buy a pro controller hand if you want to play it on tv for long periods.

Nintendo switch price

Nintendo Switch price is $299, while the price of Nintendo Switch lite is $199.99.

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