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Nickel price

Nickel price

Nickel is a white metallic chemical element. It is one of the most important magnetic materials at room temperature.

The copper-nickel alloy engaged in the manufacture of coins thousands of years ago, but it was not famous as an ingredient until 1751. After that, the Swedish chemist Baron Axel Frederick Kronsted extracted it from Nicolaite. The element is present in meteorites, granite, millerite, nicolaite, pentlandite and peritaite. This metal occupies the 22nd order in terms of its presence in the earth’s crust.

Nickel ore usually contains a variety of impurities such as copper, manufacturers separate them by chemical and electrical methods.


Facts about nickel :

  • Retractable
  • becomes silver in color when polished
  • retains its magnetic properties at a temperature below 345
  • its atomic number 28, While its atomic weight 58.69.
  • its density 8.9 g/cm3.
  • the melting point of 1455 while it’s boiling 2730.
  • corrosion-resistant.
  • chemically inactive and is soluble in diluted nitric acid and becomes inert (chemically inactive) when it dissolves in concentrated nitric acid.
  • It does not interact with alkali.
  • Nickel usually contains a variety of impurities such as copper, which is separated by chemical and electrical methods.
  • The top producing countries are Canada, Cuba, Russia, China, and Australia.

Uses of nickel:

  • works  as a magnet coating in order to protect the metals  from external environmental condition
  • Nickel sheets work as catalysts in many industries. Nickel is also widely used in the manufacture of alloys and other plates that are characterized by extreme hardness and high resistance to the surrounding weather conditions.
  •  in the manufacture of gas turbines and jet engine sections. It  also participates in the manufacture of batteries of many devices such as CD players, pocket logs, video cameras and phones (laptops. Chemical.
  • Nickel enters into the composition of some coins.

Nickel price

The average nickel price $13,010.00. The price fluctuates according to the demand of stainless steel manufacturers.

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