Natural gas price 2020

Natural gas price

Natural gas consists mainly of methane (CH4), but it also contains other hydrocarbons such as ethane, butane, propane.

Natural gas is odorless, colorless and flammable, toxic and lighter than air. Companies add a product called mercaptan that gives the gas a hideous smell resembles rotten eggs in order to detect any gas leak quickly and easily.

China is the world’s largest supplier. It produces a quantity of natural gas nearly twice as many countries such as the United States and Argentina is the second-largest supplier.

The first natural gas pipeline was built in 500 BC in China. The line was made of bamboo and was used to transporting gas that was then used to vaporize seawater for salt.

Types of natural gas

Natural gas comes in two  forms according to methane concentration within the gas

dry natural gas is usually used in heating, cooling, and electric power generation systems, as it consists almost entirely of methane, while, In contrast, methane concentration in wet natural gas is 85% lower and the proportion of other liquid natural gases such as ethane and butane is also higher.


Natural gas price

The uses of natural gas

More than 11 million vehicles worldwide use natural gas as their fuel because it is worth nothing t. The gas used for this purpose is either in its pressurized or liquefied state.

natural gas used in swimming pools to keep water warm and is also used to save energy in factories, clothing, bricks, bread and other materials that we use in our daily lives. Power stations that generate electricity use gas instead of coal or oil.

Natural gas price

Increase demand for power production caused natural gas prices to spike after stagnation in the last two weeks. the natural gas price is expected to rise more especially in the Christmas holiday.

The average natural gas price is $15.25/MMBtu.

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