Methanol Prices

Methanol Prices

Methanol is a chemical from the methyl group, it is also known as methyl alcohol for industrial uses, methanol exists as a polar liquid in the room temperature. More than 25 million tons of methanol are produced annually.

Methanol is made through many processes some of which are called Biosynthesis, which is the conversion of methane to methanol via a catalyst and some enzymes, another method is the production of methanol from synthesis gas, by the reaction of Carbon monoxide and hydrogen over a catalyst.

Methanol is unique characteristics are as follows:

  • Methanol is a light, colorless material
  • It has a smell lighter than normal ethanol
  • Methanol is a flammable material
  • It can be produced naturally and even in the human body (in very small doses)

Methanol is a flammable and toxic material, Direct consumption or inhaling vapors of more than 10mL can permanently cause blindness by destroying of the optic nerves, it can poison the central nervous system, methanol can cause coma and lead to death, thus extreme care must be followed when handling or working with methanol. The worker should wear full PPE when handling a large amount of methanol. And a specialized waste company should be hired when trying to dispose of it.

Methanol is used mainly to make other chemicals, almost 40% of global methanol is converted to formaldehyde, a component used to make plastics, paints, plywood and other textiles, Methanol has become the main component in the making of biofuels made from oils and fats.

Methanol can be used as a solvent, and antifreeze in some pipeline, it can be used in the process of wastewater treatment by add methanol to the wastewater to provide a food source for the bacteria, methanol can also be used as a catalyst in the production of biodiesel fuel.

Methanol is also used as a fuel for simple camp and boat stove because it burns well in unpressurized burners, and it’s the reason why hikers prefer methanol when spending a long time in the wild.

If you are looking into buying methanol for your business, the current market price range for the ton range between $350 and $500 for the liquid form of methanol, the price may change according to quality and quantity of each purchase, and this price does not include shipping or customs if you are importing, so you need to look into these costs as well.


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