McDonald’s menu prices

McDonald’s menu prices

McDonald’s is an American fast-food serves a delicious burger and refreshing drinks .it also offers the big mac sandwich that everyone loves. The company First appeared in 1940 as a restaurant in California, the United States. The original headquarters of the company was in Oak Brook, Illinois then moved to  Chicago in early 2018. Now the company offers a training program to train new managers on the appropriate methods of operating the restaurant. The research and development laboratory in Edison work on developing new methods of cooking, freezing, storage and catering.

The university graduated more than 275,000 employees, workers, and managers

Facts about McDonald’s.

  • It is a commercial shareholder-owned by millions of people around the world whose primary goal is to make profits.
  • They don’t support any religious or political activity in order to protect their business interests around the world.
  • McDonald’s has more than 30,000 fast food branches in 120 countries.
  • more than four hundred and sixty-five thousand workers work there.
  • They had partnerships with other restaurant chains such as Aroma Café, Boston MarketK, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Donatos Pizza since 2003.
  • McDonald’s serves  68 million people and makes about $75 million a day
  • The restaurant is a symbol of global capitalism and applies the principle of globalization, so wherever you go you will find the same logo, the same foods and the same clothes of employees all over the world.
  • Most of the chain’s restaurants offer free internet access, and you’ll see many customers working on their phones or laptops while eating a meal.
  • In addition to low-priced meals, the McDonald’s chain offers meals of all shapes and sizes.

McDonald’s menu prices

Big Mac sandwich price is $3.79, while the meal costs $5.99.

Cheeseburgers sandwich costs $2.18, while the price of  Bacon Clubhouse Burger meal reaches $7.19

Artisan Grilled Chicken meal  price is $6.79

Crispy Chicken Deluxe meal  costs $6.79

10 pc Chicken Nuggets meal price is $6.69

Prices may vary according to the location of the restaurant

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