Mazda 3 price

Mazda 3 price

Mazda 3 is one of the popular cars. its manufacturing company is one of the oldest Japanese car manufacturers, which offers a range of powerful and stylish cars. Although the Mazda car faced a significant decline in sales, it still maintains its position in the global automotive market. This car is the most prominent version of the women’s category cars.

Mazda features:

The car introduces 2 bodies type :

Hatchback(base, Select, Preferred, and Premium): has a manual transmission.

Sedan (base, Preferred, and Premium )has an automatic transmission.

  • The length of Mazda 3 is  4580 m, while its total width reaches 1795 mm and a total height of is 1450 m, as well as the length of the wheelbase, reaches 2700 m.
  • Mazda 3 has many storage spaces in the four side doors for passengers and in the front storage drawer in addition to the rear bag with a storage capacity of 414 liters. the weight of the car reaches 1790 kg.


  •  This car has a 2500 four-cylinder engine.
  •  The engine is economical in fuel consumption. The average fuel consumption engine is approximately one liter per 15 kilometers, which is a good rate.
  •  2500CC engine that makes 186 horsepower. The Mazda 3 can reach 100 km/h.
  • On the other side, the engine makes noise higher than other cars.


The interior design

Mazda 3 has beautiful and unique interior design. Despite its small size, it has a good capacity.


The Mazda 3 obtained a five-star rating in terms of safety. One of the most prominent safety technologies in the vehicle is automated emergency braking In addition to automatic high-beam headlights

While Comparing the Mazda 3 with other cars, Mazda resembles Ford and The Volkswagen Golf in performance, toughness and beautiful design, while it outweighs KIA forte, Hyundai Elantra.

 Mazda price

Mazda price ranges $13,500 to  $22,500 .

The official prices of the car vary if the customer requests a special color for the exterior structure and interior different from the standard colors available.

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