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Lloyds Banking Group shares price

Lloyds Bank shares price

Lloyds Bank is a British bank specialized in retail and commercial business; the bank has been considered one of the big four banks in Britain. The current operational HQ of Lloyds bank is in London, with main offices in Wales and Scotland.

Founded Back in 1765, Lloyds Bank is the largest retail bank in Britain, with over 16 million accounts between personal and small businesses, the bank has a huge network of branches and ATMs in England, Wales and Scotland. Lloyds Bank offers 24 hours telephone and online banking services.

As the largest bank in Britain, serving over 30 million individuals, Lloyds bank has multiple divisions, handling multiple types of business such as

  • Private equity: the bank acquires and operates multiple companies such as game developer Team17.
  • Retail: Lloyds bank provides personal banking services to its customers through over 700 branches.
  • Commercial Banking: the division tasked with providing financial services to small and medium businesses.
  • Insurance: one of Britain’s largest insurance service providers, with long term investments.
  • Consumer Finance: handles business assets such as European online deposits.

Lloyds Bank is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The total market capitalization of Lloyds bank is approximately 42.3 billion GBP as of December 2019.

As of December 11, 2019, the current price for Lloyds Bank shares is at a high of 61.47 and a low of 60.34 in Pence.

There are a couple of reasons why you should reconsider before buying into Lloyds share in the coming time, first, is the worries of the disorder that will follow the EU exit known as BREXIT, this is expected to halt the rise of the black horse bank, second is the rising debts in the UK regarding the rising levels of personal consumer loans and debts.

Currently, the whole stock market in the UK is suffering slightly due to the events of BRIXT (which is Britain’s plan to leave the European Union withing this year for those who didn’t know), thus you might see that the Lloyds Banking Group share prices may fall a bit on the opening and closing of each trading day.

Future forecasts for the upcoming year for lloyds Banking Group estimate growth of 2.61% for the shares price or a median target of 64.5 pence for each share.


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