Kelseys Menu prices

Kelseys Menu prices

Kelseys Menu prices
Kelseys Menu prices

Kelseys is a Canadian fast-food company. The company has 71 branches in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, including 16 corporate locations.

Now the company is owned by Recipe Unlimited.

Peter and Perry Jeffery opened the first branch in 1978. The idea of the restaurant comes from their trips to the U.S. During these trips, the brothers decided to fond  Candian restaurant serving Roadhouse dishes like New York-style wings and Potato Skins. Since they liked the Chicago restaurant on Kelseys Road, they named the restaurant after it.

The restaurants rapidly expand across Canada because of their good serving services and their exciting menus such as Breakfast Burger and Classic Chicken Wings.

They also featured by the balsamic chicken and the cajun chicken alfredo.

The Woodstock location is not as busy as urban centers.

Kelseys promotions

Promotions start from  Monday to Thursday.

On Monday promotions you can have  all burly burgers and fries for $13

While the prices of all two-handed sammies are $13 on Tuesday.


All pasta cost $13 on Wednesday promotions, while Thursday promotions include half-price wings.


They also have daily happy hours from 2 PM -5 PM, 8 pm to close. The price is $4 during these hours and the drink costs $1.5.The daily hour combo is starting from $10.49

Kelseys Menu prices

The average price of appetizers is $4.99, while the price of  Bowl of Soup is ranging from $2.49 to $4.99.

Pizza prices are ranging from $7.99 to $15.99.

The prices may vary according to the location of the restaurant

For further services download their application from their official website

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