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Hot-rolled coil prices

Hot-rolled coil prices

The hot-rolled coil is a type of coil that is flexible enough to bend on itself in any given direction without cracking or getting damaged.

HR Coil which is short for hot-rolled coil is the product of hot rolling, a metalworking method, the process happens at temperatures above the re-crystallization temp of the material used, and in case of steel, that temp is 700 °C but typically the steel is hot-rolled at 950 °C, this makes the shaping process of the steel much easier.

The hot rolled steel can also be produced in large quantities through the milling process, hot rolled steel is usually cheaper than cold rolled type because the manufacturing process is easier and usually it will not face any delays.

Hot-rolled coils can be used in many fields such as:

1-     Architecture and art

Due to the dry and even sur=face of the hot-rolled coil, it is the most common type of steel used in decorations, but the steel type is prone to rust, thus it is advised to use stainless steel coils to avoid this issue.

2-     Pipe and tank industry

One of the main applications of hot rolled coils is the manufacturing of pipes and tanks for the construction and automotive industry, such as the car and truck frame, wheel caps and other body parts.


A hot-rolled coil can be also used for the making of railway cars, bicycle frames and it has some military applications as well, it’s also used for the construction of ships and LPG cylinders and shattering plates.

If you are looking into buying hot rolled coil for your business, the current market price range for the ton range between $650 and $800 for the steel hot rolled coil and $2800 and $4000 for aluminum coils, the price may change according to material type used for hot rolling, quality, and quantity of each purchase, and this price does not include shipping or customs if you are importing, so you need to look into these costs as well.


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