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Guinea pig price

Guinea pig price

Guinea’s is a gentle rodent belongs to the Cabela family.

It characterized by quietness and ease of breeding.

Guinea pig is a very social animal and a perfect pet for all ages (children after the age of five). Despite its common name, it doesn’t belong to the pig family.  The sound of a young lint is like the sound of a pig, that is why it is called a pig. Guinea pig is native to South America. Guinea pig plays an important role in the popular culture of South America, especially as a source of for food, in folk medicine as well as  celebrations in the religious community


 Facts about Guinea pigs

  • Their weight ranges from  700 to  1200 grams (1.5-2.5 lbs).
  • Their length between 20 and 25 cm (8-10 inches)
  •  They usually live four or five years, but may live up to eight years, The longest life recorded is 14 years, 10.5 months.
  • They are able  to reproduce all year round and giving birth in spring, males reach sexual maturity within 3-5 weeks, females within four weeks
  • They become tame very easily and they are unlikely to bite even when stressed.

Things you should know before buying guinea big:

Guinea Pigs are considered a Long-Term Commitment due to their short life and you should be ready to provide care over the long term.

Guinea pigs become happy when they live with other guinea pigs.

A large homemade cage is a great option as they need a lot of space.

They need food rich in vitamin c since they cannot manufacture their own vitamin C

Sometimes guinea pigs are available at rescue shelters and humane society so check your nearest shelter before heading out to buy a guinea pig.

Guinea pig feeds on Bananas, Blueberry, Cantaloupe, Green peppers, Parsley, Romaine lettuce, Strawberries, and Tomatoes

In order to prevent diseases in guinea pig you should follow these following tips:

Make sure that it is eating and  defecating normally

Wash your hands before introducing food to it

Do a regular annual physical examination with your vet to discover any disease.

Guinea pig price

guinea pig price can range from $10 to $40 at a pet store. The actual guinea pig price will depend on what breed of guinea pig you intend to buy and where you intend to get it from.

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