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Galvanized metal sheet prices 2020

Galvanized metal sheet prices

Galvanized metal sheets prices

Ordinary steel is made of iron which will rust when presented to dampness from surrounding moisture. After some time rust will consume a steel part to the point of disappointment.


To counteract steel parts from rusting there are two choices:

Change to a metal that won’t erode when presented to water.

Coat the steel with a physical barrier to prevent the iron-water reaction.

Galvanized metal

It is produced by applying a protective zinc coating to the ordinary steel or iron to prevent rusting.  zinc acts as a protective buffer between moisture, oxygen, and steel.

This process also changes the steel’s appearance, giving it a rugged look that some people prefer. Galvanization steel become stronger and harder to scratch, so it’s ideal for outdoor use.

Galvanized metal sheet prices

Galvanized metal prices are primarily driven by supply, demand and energy prices. Supply and demand for steel differ globally, regionally. Other factors such as climate change, natural disasters and war can have a great impact on galvanized metal prices.

Structural steel costs a few cents less per pound than galvanized steel. Structural steel prices are holding somewhere between 30 to 80 cents per pound while galvanized steel is still less than a dollar a pound.

Here are the most popular

Galvanized metal sheet prices

MS galvanized steel pipe or  galvanized hollow section prices are $500.00 – $550.00 per Metric Ton

Galvanized SGCC 0.6mm  steel coil price is $670.00 – $864.00 / Ton.

Zhen Xiang 6mm thick  galvanized plain steel sheet metal 4×8 price is $620.00

PPGI Corrugated Zink Roofing Sheet Price is $400.00 – $900.00/ Ton.

DX51D Z100 Galvalume Steel Coil Sheet price is $670.00 – $864.00 / Ton.

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