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Dog grooming price

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Dog grooming is a series of cleaning steps to keep the dog healthy and improve its quality of life.

Factors affecting the number of grooming needed per month:

Health: If the dog has any health problem that requires more grooming

Shed: less shedding dogs as profusely require grooming every 4-8 weeks.[while the shedding dogs need more grooming, Other factors such as age, the dog’s breed.


The importance of grooming:

  • General hygiene
  • Early detection and avoiding various health problems, such as thrush, scratches, and other skin problems
  • Avoid external parasites on the skin

The steps of dog grooming

Dog grooming price

  • Prepare the work area and gather all your tools before bringing the dog to the grooming area. Make sure that all the grooming tools you need are available at a close distance where you groom your dog.
  • get rid of any mats or tangles by applying a detangle solution to help remove those tangled or matted areas Before adding any shampoo you might find it helpful too. Mats are even harder to remove when they come in contact with water and they need a proper method to be removed or by matting rake, but use it carefully.
  • scissor trimming or clipping is used for Long-haired breeds, for example, many dogs require more trimming around the chest, hocks, belly, and pads of the feet than other dogs. To complete this step you may choose sharp hair-cutting scissors. Use it very carefully around the dog’s skin.
  • Use several styles of brushes that are currently available on the market to comb the dog’s hair. For a short-haired dog, the soft-bristle brush is the best choice. If your dog has sensitive skin a rubber brush is a proper choice
  •  Bath the dog and ensure the water is not too cold or too hot, use cotton balls in their ears to absorb the water and use a special shampoo for their body.
  • Use one or two dry towels to dry your dog then and follow-up with a blow dryer on very low or no heat setting.
  • Clean the ears with a specific ear solution and trim toenails by nail clipping or muzzle.
  • Finally, brush the dog teeth with the dog’s toothpaste.

Dog grooming price

The average dog grooming price is $40 and $75 for standard grooming. Dog grooming price depends on size, Breed and the weight of your dog.


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