Cotton yarn prices 2021

Cotton yarn prices


A thread is a unit of construction of any type of fabric. it is produced from spinning machines( a set of textile fibers that are coherent with each other by forces called interlock forces) and the threads appear in the form of long bodies of different thicknesses. The filaments have several types, but the type of fiber from which it is extracted determines the type of thread, specifications, the method of manufacture and its use.

The Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn prices

Cotton threads are made of cotton and are very thin. This cotton is called “white gold” for its importance in the world.  The plant grows in hot areas and is in the form of a shrub that requires fertile soil and good irrigation to grow properly. In fact, the best type of Cotton in the world is Egyptian cotton and is called “long-tailed cotton. Egyptian cotton exported all over the world.

the yarn comes in the form of rollers with a weight of 50 g or 100 g. They come from solid colors or a wing and we use with them fine stainless needles according to the size of the thread used from them.

The uses of Cotton yarn :

  • it  is generally used in the summer because it is light and very beautiful:
  • engaged in make summer blouses.
  •  has popular uses in making dining tablecloths.
  •  Used to make accessories such as medals or jewelry such as contracts and earrings.
  •  The yarn is used in the work of crocheted brides. It is preferred to use Elisa Cotton Gold.
  • This yarn is also used in making stockings of the Qur’an and mobile phones.
  • cotton filaments are used in making dresses for children because it is light for them in the summer.

Cotton yarn prices

The average Cotton yarn prices are decreased by 8% since September.

The production is expected to rise 13.6%  the next year so The average of cotton yarn prices may decrease more.

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