Corrugated cardboard price 2021

Corrugated cardboard price

Corrugated cardboard is material from paper fiber has  size 0.25 m, The paper with a  (mass-to-area ratio) of more than 224 g/m2. It is the widest type of paper. You can manufacture cardboard chemical processing methods, as well as the use of natural conditions such as heat and moisture.

Cardboard is easy to cut and configured, so it mainly engages packaging because it withstands the pressures, has up to three layers, and the middle layer is wavy.

The special requirements for Corrugated cardboard:

The strength of a corrugated box depends on its material.  The stronger box has more walls. The manufacturer’s stamp inside the box shows a single wall, double wall, or triple wall to provide information about the strength of the box. This stamp also explains that the box meets or exceeds the U.S. Department of Transportation’s criteria. If you are packaging heavy items,  use a single wall box that can hold about 45 lbs total.

According to the size of the box, a single wall corrugated box is the best choice for 20 lbs and 120 lbs, a double-wall corrugated box is good  for80 lbs and 180 lbs, and a triple wall corrugated box is the best  for240 lbs and 300 lbs. The maximum gross weight limit is present on the bottom flap of most boxes.

The water absorption rate outside of the corrugated box must not exceed 155 grams per square meter, tested over a 30 minute period. Finished boxes should not contain ragged edges, loose, protruding stitching, dirt, or oil stains. The manufacturers perform two tests to measure the strength of the box: the burst strength test and the edge crush test.

Corrugated cardboard price:

Corrugated cardboard price ranges from $0.13-to $5.99 per sheet. The price varies according to the type and size of the corrugated cardboard. This price is six percent of the total purchase of the item, including any potential delivering or shipping fees.

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