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Commodity prices 2020

Commodity prices

Commodities are goods and objects that have value, Standard quality and are produced in large quantities by many different producers. They include natural materials, basic resources, foodstuffs, agricultural products such as rice, wheat, grains, salt, sugar, coffee, soy, and others such as gold, silver, iron, crude oil, coal, ethanol,  aluminum, copper products, gold, silver, platinum, and minerals. They are interchangeable with another product of the same type, allowing investors to buy or sell,


In general, what drives the commodity market is the growth of the global economy. The more the economy progresses, the greater the demand for commodities. The trends of the global economy are expected to grow  more as people heading to cities and taking advantage of modern technology. This increases the need for infrastructures, such as water, housing, offices, factories, and transportation. All of this leads to more demand for commodities.

Commodity prices

Commodity prices are fluctuating according to supply and demand. Their price fluctuates daily on the basis of global supply and demand. In some countries, there is an economic system that orders the introduction of forced Commodity prices and strategic products, such as olive oil, sugar, rice, fertilizers, iron, and cement. One of the characteristics of a good commodity is that its price is determined by the market as a whole.

Some examples of commodity prices


Gold  price is 1,527.36 USD per troy ounce

Silver price is 17.99  USD per troy ounce

Coal  price is 45.55  USD per ton

Ethanol  price is 1.36 USD per gallon

copper price is 6,155.75 USD per ton

Aluminum price is 1,810.00 USD per ton

Cotton price is 0.69USD per Ib

Sugar  price is 0.13 USD per Ib

Wheat  price is 211.18  USD per Ton

rice  price is 13.11 USD per cwt

soybean oil  price is 0.35 USD per Ib

Platinum price is 978.50 USD  per troy ounce

live cattle price is  1.25 USD per Ib


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