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Cockatiel price 2021

Cockatiel price

parrot is a beloved bird for many people, it is the fourth most widespread bird in the world after dogs, cats, and fish, and many people prefer to breed it at home like a spoiled bird, it known for its bright co Multiple colors. parrot is the smartest bird in the world, because of the ability of some of the species to imitate the voices and laugh like a human.  parrot has many species that can reach up to 350 species, the most famous species is parrots a cockatoo parrot.

The cockatiel is one of a cockatoo parrot that lives in comes in second place in the order of popularity after Budgerigar. Cockatiel has very beautiful  mutations

The cockatiel is quieter and less aggressive than other parrots This parrot also has  appropriate price and high resistance to the disease. Young men and women can also take care of this kind of parrots, but people with asthma should stay away from the dust released by the parrot.

If You were looking for a parrot that you could try to learn to speak and imitate voices you can choose other parrots such as the African and grey as they outweigh Cockatiel in speech skill.

Cockatiel Is available in all pet bird shops, but you have to choose a shop with a good reputation, extensive experience and outstanding care in the field of bird breeding

Healthy birds have soft clean feathers, plump and round body, clean anus, and bright clear eyes.


Cockatiel price


The average cockatiel price is  $150 but if you count the cost for its cage, food, and equipment, the price can easily reach $350.cockatiel prices can vary according to breed, age, mutation, and the health of the bird.

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