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Chinchilla price 2020

Chinchilla price

Chinchilla is one of the cutest fluff balls ever that some people love keeping them as pets. it belongs to the family chinchilla which contains a small to a medium rodent.

For centuries, People have hunted chinchillas and used them for the fur industry for clothing and other accessories.

Decades of overhunting had led to the severely diminished wild population.

fortunately, many countries enacted laws to protect these  endangered species

There are two species:

 The short-tailed chinchilla

The long tail chinchilla( chinchilla Lana Guerra): they’re smaller but they have longer tails and bigger ears.

Chinchilla breeding


  •  As china chilla adapted to sparse high-altitude vegetation so a diet high in fiber is crucial for a healthy gut.
  •  fresh high-quality hay should always be provided
  • use  High-quality chinchilla pellets  that available in the pet stores which often contain raising chinchillas
  • Change and filter its drinking water

breeding area

  • Chinchilla has  a sensitive respiratory system and enclosed spaces can easily cause an infection So never use an aquarium or solid walls, But  use an open wire enclosure
  • You might need to provide a multi-level enclosure and access since chinchillas are active they love to run and jump from platform to platform



the temperature should not exceed  80°F, chinchillas can quickly overheat in temperatures over 80

you can help keep them cool by providing a marble slab

Due to the fact that chinchillas are social animals, providing companionship is definitely going to improve their well-being.

If you have an older chinchilla keep in mind that females are more dominant than males, they  can often injure  the new coming chinchilla

Chinchilla price

Chinchilla price ranges from $100-$200 for gray chinchilla and colored Chinchilla price will likely cost you $300, very rare fur mutation like a curly can be as much as $600.


Before purchasing a chinchilla as a pet  check  your local shelter

as adopting a chinchilla from a rescue is  considered a good idea



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