China Chili menu prices 2020

China Chili menu prices

China chili is a food restaurant that specializes in Chinese food, They serve a variety of different Chinese cuisine which include a unique variety of dishes in Cantonese, Sichuan, and hong kong style. Their menu is famous for its delicate, aromatic, exotic flavor that captures your heart. They take pride and satisfaction in creating and serving fresh ingredients each day, and the blend of delicious dishes such as orange chicken, house chicken, lovers prawns, steamed striped Bass, yu shiang and pillow chicken flavors makes the lovers of Chinese food keep visiting their restaurant.  Customers can also find beer, wine, and Asian cocktails.The restaurant  also offers catering services and  private dining space for  private meetings and

Below is a list of the latest Chinachili menu prices

China chili menu prices Of Chickens


China Chili menu prices
China Chili menu prices
China Chili menu prices 2020
China Chili menu prices 2020

Tomato Chicken price is $9.95

Almond and Cashew Nuts Chicken price is $9.95

Chicken In Black Bean Sauce price is $9.45

Phoenix Nest Chicken   price is $11.95

Salt & Pepper Chicken price is $9.45

Curried Chicken price is $9.45

House Special Chicken price is $10.45

Kung Pao Chicken price is$9.45

Mongolian Chicken price is $9.95

Minced Chicken In Lettuce Wraps price is $12.50

Orange Chicken price is $10.45

Sesame Chicken price is $10.45

Snow White Chicken price is $9.95

Tangy Lemon Chickeny price is $9.95

Teriyaki Chicken price is $9.95

Yu Shiang Chicken.$9.50

Sweet & Sour Chicken price is $9.95

Sizzling Black Peppers Chicken price is $11.95, while Pillow Chicken price is12.95.



China chili menu prices of ducks

Boneless D.c. with shrimp, scallops, calamari, as well as  vegetables a white sauce cost $19.95

Pecking Duck, scallions & plum sauce costs $26.95

Crispy roast duck Hong kong style cost$10.

Soup price

Hot & Sour Soup cost $6.95, as well as

Chicken Corn Chowder costs $7.25, while West Lake Soup costs $7.50

Appetizers prices

Boiled Won-Tons price is 6.95

Chicken Salad price is $6.95

Crab Cheese Puffs price is.$5.95, while Vegetable Egg Rolls price is$3.00



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