Canopy price

Canopy price

The home terrace that located in a spacious courtyard is certainly one of the best home views because it provides an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. Canopy is the perfect solution to complete this distinctive view and give protection against the sun and rain.

The choice of the canopy depends largely on the dimensions of the place you own, whether a balcony or the courtyard, as well as the design you want to choose.

Types of canopy

Canopy has 5 types, each type has a unique characteristic:

Dome canopy

Custom canopy:

you can customize it according to your needs.

Pop –up canopy:

Easy to install and good choice for trips and picnic.


The pole canopy

  • The tent is secured and supported by driving stakes into the ground.
  • It is not suitable to install a pole tent on concrete or asphalt surfaces unless you anchor it with Stakes or concrete anchors.
  • The standard stake has sizes 36 inches to 42 inches long pole tents.
  • They are more economical to purchase easy to install and provides. it easier to store and creates a more casual atmosphere

Disadvantages of a pole tent :


footprint requires more space due to the stakes and guy ropes.

The end-users vision can be obstructed by the center poles frame tents.

Frame tent:

  • Structures in a frame tent are generally more expensive since there are more components versus the pole tent.
  • Additional time is also required for material handling

Canopy price

Canopy price ranges from $30-50, the price differs according to type and the material of canopy.

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