Boston pizza price


Boston pizza price

In recent times, pizza has become an easy choice for many people regardless of age. Now there are many pizza-making companies offering delicious taste, it becomes easier to purchase pizza almost anytime you want.

Poston pizza is a Canadian family pizza restaurant chain located across the country. They introduce delicious food, including pizza, pasta, wings. The company has more than 300 branches in Canada and over 40 restaurants in the United States and Mexico.

Once you see a menu with a various selection of pizzas and pasta, you find meals that may leave you full without the excessive amounts of sodium and fat.

Boston Pizza introduces a versatile selection of menu items from burgers to sandwiches and truly, pizza. while many of the entrees weigh in at over 1,000 calories (along with their sodium content), there are still options with healthy nutritional value.

The restaurant offers food that caters to all people with allergies (a gluten-free menu) and dietary restrictions (vegetarian options are available)such as gluten-free pasta dishes .this dish have over 1,100 calories and over 2,400 mg of sodium.

Boston Pizza chain is so popular in Canada because:


they have a good online ordering system, deliveries that are on time. At the restaurants, they have pretty good service and a good selection of food and drinks. Boston Pizza has additionally a sports bar, where you’ll watch sports.

Poston pizza price


All Meat Bites (Double Order)price is  $21.99 while Breaded or Fried Wings (Double Order) cost $21.99.

Small cheese pizza costs11.99, while the medium size price is $19.29.The price of a large pizza reaches$22.99.

The Meteor small pizza price is$17.29, while the price of  Boston Royal medium pizza reaches$26.49

Create Your Own Pasta GlutenWise™+ Fusilli price is$13.99

The Big Dipper sandwich costs $15.99

Boston Brute sandwich price $12.79

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich costs $13.29

Oven-Roasted Chicken Quesadilla price $12.99

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