Benzene prices 2020

Benzene prices

Benzene prices

The average benzene price globally is $1.09 per liter according to gasoline prices in mid-September 2019, and there are noticeable differences between countries, so prices in rich countries are high compared to poor countries.


The differences in benzene prices in different countries are due to government subsidies for gasoline and the size of taxes, for example, all countries in the world buy oil at the same prices but later impose different taxes, leading to different retail prices for gasoline,

The U.S. Consumes more benzene than other countries, and the average family spends about $2,000 a year on benzene, but inside the previous few years, low gas fees have given hundreds of thousands of drivers more money to spend or save.

In the rest of the world, gas prices tend to be higher, but the nominal price of benzene isn’t an indicator of benzene prices in a given country. in order to determine the affordability of benzene  (or every other product), you have to evaluate the fee to income. A recent report compares benzene prices in different counties to the average national paycheck to locate in which gas absolutely is the most, and least, affordable.

Most Affordable countries

country Price per gallon: Average daily wage: Daily wages spent on one gallon of gas
1. Venezuela  $0.02 $16.14 0.95 percent
2. Kuwait  $0.88 $68.69 1.27 percent
3. United States $2.57 $156.34 1.64 percent
4. Luxembourg  $4.69 $285.13 1.66 percent
5. Saudi Arabia $0.91  $52.77 1.72 percent
6. United Arab Emirates  $1.80 $90.13 2.00 percent
Switzerland $5.58 $213.60 2.58 percent



least Affordable

country Price per gallon: Average daily wage: Daily wages spent on one gallon of gas
1. India $3.75 $4.77 80.20 percent
2. Pakistan $2.32  $3.97 56.71 percent
3. Philippines $3.17 $8.14 39.69 percent
4. Nigeria $1.94 $8.00 34.85 percent
5. Egypt $2.66  $10.25  28.40 percent
6. South Africa $3.19 $13.03 23.64 percent
7. Indonesia $2.23 $9.89 22.36 percent

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