bearded dragon price

bearded dragon price

Bearded dragons are members of the pogona genus and are endemic to Australia. These lizards are the most loved animals

Due to their ease of care, they exist in  pet stores and in the homes of exotic animal owners bearded

facts about the bearded dragon:

  • The sex of the babies depends on temperature regardless of chromosomes.
  • If the eggs are incubated in temperatures of over 34 degrees Celsius, babies will be females and at lower temperatures, they will be males. The fear is that global warming could lead to the majority of bearded dragons being born female with not enough males to keep the population.
  • Their  primary food is   insects but as they get older their diet becomes more diverse and they can eat greens
  • The dragons can be born with two heads even
  • These mutations  are incredibly popular as pets, they’re very exotic but you  can take care of them easily
  •  A dragon lives up to 12 years. If you are giving them the proper care they can live from 12 to 14 Years. the longest life span recorded was15 years.
  • A bearded dragon can bite you if you treat them aggressively however their venom is harmless.

The  care of bearded dragon

  • The vivarium  should have minimum size A 120cm long x 60cm high x 60 cm,  and easy to clean
  • Don’t use ‘calci-sand’ and replace it with use reptile-safe sand
  • Apply 10 to 12 percent fluorescent UV tubes and keep humidity low as possible

Bearded dragon price

 bearded dragon price ranges from  $30-$60 for small  dragons while the cost for the larger (more mature) dragon is  $100.   Price varies according to the size, type and the breeding of bearded dragon

If you’re interested in owning a beardy or you already do you should go and check out Amazon Expedia

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