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Arowana price

Arowana is bony fish belongs to the family Osteoglossidae, it is also known as bony tongues.

It is a predator fish and Arowana can live up to  10-15 years.

you should expect an Arowana to grow up to 4 feet in size and weigh up to 7kg.

The fish live in rivers, lakes in tropical areas. It is a large fish with a rectangular body and two forks on the front of the face .its dorsal fin extends to the middle of the body and the tail is round but heterogeneous.

This fish swims near the surface of the water and able to catch insects that live on land as they approach the surface of the water.

It is able to jump out of the water to pick up its prey and then return to the water.

The strange thing about this fish is that it keeps the fertilized eggs inside its mouth

The diet of Arowana

Arowana needs carotene to keep its colors beautiful and bright so you can feed it on the shrimp with its crust. It  also needs vitamins and minerals, and gets its need from small live fish. In addition, the Arowana feeds on frozen fish, insects, and worms, as well as can feed on small animals such as frogs or lizards and can feed it cow hearts. Food should be introduced to Arowana 2 times a day.

Tips to care for the Arowana:

  • Arowana is an aggressive dominant fish. Therefore, do not keep two or three fish in one tank
  • Put a heavy cover on their tank so you don’t lose your fish.
  • The temperature should not exceed 32 and  Make sure that the PH of tank water between   6 and  7.
  • You should change  25% to 33% of the water weekly.

Arowana price

The average Singapore Arowana price is $300, while rare adult white albinos may cost $70,000 or more.

The price of Super Redfish Asian redfish and Chili redfish is $350 including shipping.

The cost of  Goldfish, Redtail golden fish, Jardini Arowana fish, and Golden x back fish is $250
*Green and bluefish price ———$200 including shipping
*silver Arowana price ……….$ 150 including shipping
*black Arowana price  is -……….$170 including shipping

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