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Aniline price 2021

Aniline price

Aniline is the simplest aromatic amine, It consists of a phenyl group attached to the amino group. This compound is also the precursor of polyurethane.

You can prepare aniline through the catalytic reduction of nitrobenzene with hydrogen. Its odor resembles the rotten fish and its taste is burning aromatic taste.

Aniline ignites readily producing a smoky flame characteristic of aromatic compounds.[

The boiling point of aniline is 184-degree centigrade while its melting point is -6 degree centigrade. It is a liquid at room temperature.

Aniline has a slight water solubility, Its vapors heavier than air,  and It Produces Toxicity by skin absorption and inhalation.

When you combust Aniline, It Produces toxic oxides of nitrogen.

Due to the basic properties of the amine group, Aniline reacts with strong acid forming a salt and reacts with acyl halides to form an amide.

Aniline also is highly reactive in electrophilic substitution reactions due to the properties of the phenyl group.


 The uses of aniline.

The main uses of aniline are to manufacture other chemicals, especially dyes, agricultural chemicals, pigments, pharmaceuticals, photographic and others.


The most popular aniline derivatives:


methylenediphyenyldiisocyanate (MDI). MDI has popular applications in the manufacture of spandex fibers, thermoplastic resins,  coatings. it is used in reaction injection molding (RIM) for automotive applications. The most common use of MDI products is in rigid foam insulation, but they are also used in semiflexible foams, foundry core binders, and particleboard manufacture.

Polyurethane: is a polymer of  aniline. its major uses in the manufacture of high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, microcellular foam sealsgaskets, durable elastomeric wheels, tires, automotive suspension, high-performance adhesives, surface coatings, synthetic fibers, condoms, and hoses.

Aniline price

The average of aniline price is $3.40-$3.40 / Gram

Aniline price may vary according to grade and the supplier of aniline.


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