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Aluminum price

Aluminum price

Aluminum is a chemical element that is present in the periodic table. this element is the most metallic element in the earth’s crust and the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon.

The metal represents 8% of the earth’s crust. Unlike some other metals, such as gold and silver. This element doesn’t exist in a pure  state in nature, but it is always united with other elements.

Before the 19th century, scientists were unable to separate aluminum from its united elements. After that, they developed ways to separate and produce aluminum in a pure state.

Facts about aluminum:

  •  The metal has a silver color.
  • The pure aluminum has a limited hardness and low density
  •  Corrosion, Fire, and rust-resistant.
  • Aluminum is a fine, easy to cast, and form
  • Its melting point is 660 c, while its boiling degree 2519c
  • an excellent reflector for heat and light.
  • Scientist uses Other elements with aluminum in order to improve its properties.

The uses of aluminum

. In fact, the world uses aluminum more than any other metal such as iron and steel.

Aluminum price

  • Toys producers add small amounts of nitrogen, magnesium, and zinc to aluminum in toy manufacturing. These elements add the power of other recipes to aluminum to make it a very useful metal
  • Aluminum alloys have general uses in packaging materials for various products such as beverage cans, glassware covers, bags and packaging chips, and in food packaging.
  • The architectural construction industry uses aluminum alloys in the manufacturing household sewer pipes, various sectors of dwellings, ceilings and walls of buildings, as well as electrical wiring pipes and exterior windows
  •  Large quantities of aluminum engage in the manufacture of transport, such as aircraft, cars, ships, and rail vehicles.
  • The element participates in many electrical products and telephone wires.
  •  Many other products contain aluminum such as kitchen utensils, golf clubs, sewing needles, paint cans, electric refrigerators.
  • Sometimes aluminum engages in many products in our daily lives such as kitchenware, furniture, toys, deodorants, indigestion medications.

Aluminum price

The average aluminum price is $1728.00 per metric ton. The price may vary according to the supplier of aluminum.

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