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Acrylic Acid Prices

Acrylic Acid Prices

Looking into getting in the plastics manufacturing industry??… if you conduct a small research, you’ll come across a product that you will need as a component in your manufacturing process, that is acrylic acid.

Acrylic acid is an organic material used in many industries, it’s colorless liquid with the smell of acrid or tart.

The current method used for producing acrylic acid, is by oxidizing propylene, which is byproduct of gasoline and ethylene production, another way is by using propane as an alternative to propylene as it’s much cheaper as a raw material.

The current global production of acrylic acid is estimated to be 6 million tons, and that number is expected to reach 8 million tons in 2020 due to the introduction of acrylic acid into the manufacturing of new products such as personal care items, makeup and detergents.


Acrylic acid is a toxic material, causing severe skin irritations in case of exposure, and its fumes are very harmful to the respiratory system, eye contact with acrylic acid can cause un-treatable injury, however, low exposure to the material has minimal health effects, long and high exposure can result in fluids accumulating in the lung, also known as pulmonary edema, which is a very dangerous case, thus the acrylic acid must be handled with great care and while wearing all needed safety equipment and protective clothing.

Acrylic acid can be used in multiple industries such as making diapers, water treatment facilities and textile industries, acrylic acid is also used to make copolymers, which is a key component in the manufacturing of plastics, coatings, adhesives…etc.

If you are looking into buying acrylic acid for your business, the current market price range for the ton range between $1100 and $1250 for the liquid form of acrylic acid, the price may change according to quality and quantity of each purchase, and this price is not subject to shipping or customs fees, if you are importing, you need to look into these costs as well.


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