DME price

DME price

Die methyl ether (DME) is a colorless, nontoxic organic gas.

Scientists also name it methoxymethane, wood ether, dimethyl oxide or methyl ether.

The properties of DME

  • This ether has weak narcotic properties.
  • highly flammable gas at ambient conditions,
  • it turned to liquid by applying certain pressure.
  • The properties of DME resemble  Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).
  • DME is degradable in air and is not a greenhouse gas.
  • It should be stored in pressurized storage tanks at ambient temperature.

Manufacturers produce DME by many methods:

Directly from the synthesis gas derived from natural gas and coal.

Indirectly from dehydration of methanol

 The uses of DME:

As alternative fuel which can be used either for petroleum gas (LPG) blending or as a substitute for gasoline liquefied for domestic use –

One of the main producers of DME in the USA is Oberon Fuelswhich is leading a project to validate DME  as an alternative fuel, estimate the cost of its production, as well as  study the possibility of  converting  in-state methane emissions from dairyfood waste and agricultural waste to DME

Besides its application as a diesel fuel replacement, it can also serve as a blending agent with propane to reduce carbon intensity.

DME is an efficient hydrogen carrier, so DME can be carried to a hydrogen fueling station in order to obtain  renewable hydrogen

It has wide use in the chemical industry and as an aerosol propellant.

DME is not available for commercial use in the USA

DME price

The average DME price is$ 447.54\ton

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